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Why do eCommerce Brands choose us

We understand your business objectives and get done whatever it is that can fuel your business growth. We blend into your brand and work like your own Marketing Team. Over the years, we have built expertise beyond books and theories to become the Digital Marketing Agency of choice for startups and brands alike.

We deliver what matters the most- Return On Investment.

We follow a unique approach towards creating marketing solutions. A process through which we uncover the finest elements of your brand and create the most efficient communication and marketing story from it.

Growth Driven Marketing. The only marketing way we know.

Enamoured by Growth Driven Marketing, we believe that marketing strategies should not be hit or miss. We research to understand the target audience, craft marketing strategies to suit them best and then iterate them basis the data that comes back from our campaigns. It helps our clients grow quickly without wasteful spends.

We don’t just execute, we come up ideas and strategies for you.

To answer some of your questions

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Why are we called Walnut Folks?

Quite simply, the walnut looks like the human brain. The left side of our brain dictates logical thinking and the right enables creativity – much like the 2 Founders at Walnut Folks. Rich in value, we put together the top nut for your brand health.

What can you expect from us?

Growth. Now that we have your attention – you can expect brutally honest advice, 100% commitment and genuine effort from our end. And with all of this coming together, you can definitely expect growth in the KPIs that we are working on.

Do we work for Non-Profits?

Yes, we do. We have been working with Maharashtra Government’s initiative for Women Empowerment – MAVIM. That apart we have also worked with multiple other socially inclined organisations. We would love to work on your Not for Profit venture. Just drop in a line to us and we will get in touch real soon.

Do we have any Certifications and Accreditations?

We are Google Certified for Analytics and Adwords, Hubspot Certified for Inbound Content Marketing, SEMRush Certified for SEO and more.

But it is beyond these certifications for us. We believe in truly mastering digital channels and that comes from truckloads of execution and real work!

Are we hiring in any of our offices?

Oh yes! We are always looking for more like-minded and talented Walnut Folks. Just read more about us here and if you find a matching wavelength, check our current openings on our careers page.

Is there a minimum starting price/ budget?

Short answer – Not really. Long answer – We don’t have pre-designed packages. Our ability to handle all budgets – big, small and in-between sets us apart. Each client’s campaign is evaluated individually based on their goals and potential. You get back what you put in, so if you can’t afford a comfortable monthly marketing budget, we’ll advise you on your options.

Let's grow your business together, shall we?

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Walnut Folks: A Holistic Digital Marketing Agency

Since science and technology has seen immense developments, especially the information technology, it has completely changed the approach of people towards various aspects of life. The ways of living, doing business, selling and purchasing, all have been bitten by this bug.

The main mantra of marketing is to reach out to the target audience at the right time and right place. Having said that, what better place to find the majority audience than-internet. Everybody is on it. We, at Walnut Folks, believe in helping brands use all the digital channels and mediums to create a measurable impact to their business growth. We blend into your brand and work like your own Marketing Team. We understand your business objectives and get done whatever it is that you need. Our digital marketing team puts together both brand information and creativity for a successful brand communication.

The popularity of social media has rocketed since the last decade. It has not only got the world closer by connecting people worldwide but also got an evolution in the marketing strategy. Our marketing agency works towards using these mediums to improve your brand awareness by displaying finest elements of your brand and creating the most efficient communication and marketing story from it. Various social media platforms from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, are just a few names that have been successful in giving a platform for people and brands to connect professionally, display their professional skills, expand their business, share knowledge, to name a few.

The attitude towards marketing has had to be adapting to the several technological changes it has witnessed over a period. From radios and telephone, to television, then computers and now mobile phones with internet. Our Digital Marketing Agencies at locations like Mumbai, Kolkata and Nagpur, have a comprehensive outlook for the marketing brands. Our online marketing company utilises all the digital channels to assist the brand flourish. Utilising the power of technology, our digital advertising agencies not only make the brand visible but also analyse the market to keep the brand in the game for the long run.

Digital Marketing Services Offered by Us

Walnut Folks, a digital marketing agency, aims at providing services like Website Development, Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Marketing and Brand Identity Design. We are a team of XX people who function from offices in Mumbai, Nagpur and Kolkata to achieve collective targets. Our digital marketing team constitutes spirited enthusiastic individuals. Web developers, graphic designers, SEO analysts, social media managers, content writers and project managers coordinate with each other to create the brand impact for desired business growth.

Our Web Design services build websites that drive leads, engagement and sales opportunities. We pride ourselves on having a rich experience in search engine optimization, making it one of the best SEO experts out there. Businesses are now purely relying on social media platforms for connecting with customers, and customers are increasingly discovering new products to fall in love with. Our online marketing agency helps you make the best use of social media marketing to reach out to the targeted customers on a daily basis. Through our Branding services we offer you with suitable solutions, after a thorough study of your brand, to build your brand identity through logo, tagline, packaging, brochure, content, fonts and so on.

Over the years, we have built expertise beyond books and theories to become the Digital Marketing Agency of choice for startups and young businesses. We have offered our digital marketing services to brands like INSPIRUS, Cane Juicery, FABS, Nutashere, Afzal, Nakodas and many more.

We at Walnut Folks believe that it is the collective effort of the entire team that works together in coherence towards giving quality service to the brands. All the different sections of firm share ideas, communicate and support each other to move in the right direction.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Companies

In today’s world, due to the ever expanding digital possibilities, the businesses have shifted their marketing ways. The digital modes of marketing have had a quicker acceptance because of them being widely accepted and result-driven. A digital marketing agency, with an immense knowledge of this market, can assist a brand to up their game in this digital world. Some of the benefits of digital marketing are:

1. Opportunities: The digital marketing gives an equal opportunity to businesses of all scales, be it a big multinational or a new startup, all have an equal chance with the customers. A  marketing agency can give you the ways and means to use the medium to its fullest.

2. Cost Effective: Going online doesn’t as such demand for any capital to begin with. With a set budget for marketing,  a digital marketing agency can come up with marketing options while sticking to your budget. 

3. Tracking performance: The digital market gives you an opportunity to get an idea of how your marketing strategies are turning out. You can analyse the market through various means and progress accordingly.  An online marketing firm can not only procure these results for you but also will study them to come up with suitable solutions for better response from the customers.

4. Remote targets: with digital marketing, the businesses can now approach audiences which earlier were not in their reach. The expanse of digital media makes it possible for brands to reach worldwide. An agency can help you find and reach such audiences.

5. Interactions: The main reason for a digital market to flourish is the transparency it offers. The brands can now have a direct conversation with the customers and get a feedback from them. This makes the customers feel included and trust the brand more.

6. Brand reputation: Giving people what you promised to offer will help develop a positive relationship with the customer. These satisfied customers eventually influence other people to engage with your brand, building a brand image that enhances your online market. The agencies can help develop this connection through arranging campaigns for business advancement.

7. Productive moves: The agencies provide you with an appealing visual branding on websites, social media, print media etc, using designs, graphics, colours that will attract more customers. The digital market is about quicker results and an interface that compels the user to engage with the business.

The use of digital marketing and an effective assistance from a digital marketing agency, can do wonders for your business.   

Digital Marketing Firm for Startups

For a start-up to be able to survive through the severe competition in the market is an achievement in itself. There are a  lot of responsibilities to be looked after like finance, marketing, client interactions and many more. The advent of digital marketing, has acted as a saviour for the startups but also come with the added responsibility of building an online brand image that is always under scrutiny. With appropriate strategies from our digital marketing agency, you can overcome these challenges.

The start-ups face a financial crunch, leaving them with a tight budget for marketing. Our strength lies in innovating through social media platforms and devising strategies that are frugal and cost-effective. Our digital marketing agency can cater to this need by giving you marketing strategies and techniques well in advance for different development stages. As the start-ups are new to the market, they demand attention in all the sectors. If the marketing is handled by a marketing agency, it gives more time for focusing on other aspects. Since the start-up is an upcoming brand, people are unaware about. Spreading brand awareness to attract audience becomes a primary concern for the business. Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing, we help elevate your audience and customer base dramatically. We believe our Websites and App developments as creating cost effective business solutions for you to take over the digital channel.

Our Marketing Thought Process

1. We begin with a discussion to gauge your difficulties at this moment, what you’ve attempted until now, and if we’re are the right choice for you.

2. If we think we can help you, we’ll put together Marketing Insights specifically for your company. Analysing your business’ digital presence and effectiveness of specific channel strategies, we’ll make an execution plan which explores every opportunity we see for development.

3. We’ll begin with getting you successful results in lesser time, while setting up specific, long-term and scalable digital marketing strategies.

4. We’ll chalk out a full execution plan, focusing on timely, tactical implementation, and setting up scalable growth opportunities.

5. Our digital marketing team continually works together to monitor results at every step of the process,to see if the executed strategies are proving successful or whether they need alterations.

6. We work to deliver strategies that fetch you great results not just now but in the long run.

Trends in Digital Marketing

The digital marketing has taken over all the other traditional marketing methods. It is scaling new heights with all the new emerging trends and developments happening in the sector. With this success rate, majority business owners are making efforts to strengthen their digital marketing methods.

Voice Search has gained popularity since the rise in the usage of smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home etc, or even the voice assistance available on the smartphones like Siri or Google. The consumers now are using voice-enabled commands to approach the brands, by asking questions about their desired products.

The customer interaction with the brands is getting smarter by the use of chatbots. As and when a customer lands on a website, the chatbots pop-up offering assistance. This resolves the customer queries right then and there with quick responses.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing makes the unrealistic environments feel realistic. The beauty and accessory brands have encashed this upcoming technology by giving the consumers a feel of the product, enhancing the brand image and loyalty.

The online marketing brands are using push notifications to remind the customers of their products that they must have gone through or liked and communicate with them more effectively.

The main objective of all the brands and businesses remain the same, reaching the audience and engaging with them in the most effective ways available. The marketing agencies work towards developing and finding ways to make the brand communication successful.