Growing With You

We at, Walnut Folks, are a group of left brain thinkers and right brain thinkers coming together to bring in the best of both worlds. We believe that marketing is successful when it is research and data backed enhanced by creativity.

The left brain is all about understanding the customer and identifying the perfect positioning for a product that will stick with them.

The right brain goes on to create the best story in the most creative form that will get resonate with the customer and make them relate to the product.

Together it creates a gripping tale for a perfectly identified audience that makes the audience act and take decisions in favour of the product.

About Us

What do we do?

From Website Development, Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Marketing and Brand Identity Design, we got it all covered.

What is our aim?

We are here to create measurable impact to your business growth.

Where are we located?

With offices in Mumbai, Nagpur and Kolkata we can cater to your marketing needs anywhere in India and abroad.

About Walnut Folks

Our left brain dominates logical thinking, analysis of patterns and data whereas the right helps us emote. Typically, most brand communication gets either of the two right, very data-driven monotonous conversations with consumers where they don’t end up relating to the brand or so creative that you end up liking but not really buying the product. 

When you put together masters of logical thinking and experts in creativity together, it’s a wholesome brain more like a Walnut – strong, and rich in value. 

Walnut Folks is a holistic growth driven marketing agency with expertise in data, design, and technology. With over 12+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, and working with the biggest agencies, the founding team hails from the most reputed institutes of the country.

We understand a business’ context and believe in creating frugal marketing solutions – that create a measurable impact. Afterall, what matters to a business owner is the Return on Marketing Spends.

Hitesh Lalwani

Hitesh Lalwani

Co-Founder | Technology & Marketing Head

Graduated from IIT Bombay, Hitesh has a rich experience working with global conglomerates like Proctor & Gamble as well as prominent technology startups of India. Being data centric and research oriented in nature, he propels growth in revenue and efficiency of the brands.

Sahiba Dhandhania

Sahiba Dhandhania

Co-Founder | Creative & Business Head

With over 6 years of experience in Advertising and Marketing, in India and USA, Sahiba is the creative brain at Walnut Folks. She seamlessly integrates thought provoking designs with pertinent marketing strategies to create highly impactful campaigns.

Let's grow your business together, shall we?