Our Hustle Is Real


The Journey Thus Far

Pre-Covid Era

We started about in about 2018 (nobody honestly has the exact timeline) from a beautiful co-working space in Andheri, Mumbai. With a minuscule team of 4 people, we served over 20+ brands. At this time we were just Walnut Folks, and operated as a full-service digital agency. To keep up with our growth, we started the Nagpur office as well and grew to 20+ people and 100+ brands impacted.

The Covid Waves

Towards the end of 2019 we took our first decision to niche up and segmented our Influencer Marketing work. We created Confluencr & Sahiba full-time ventured into leading it. We won countless awards & honors and quickly grew Confluencr into one of the top Influencer Marketing Agencies in India. With Covid, like the rest of the world we discovered the joy of working out of our pyjamas, and gave up the Mumbai & Nagpur office premises.

Post Covid Times

Fast-forward to 2021 end, Intent Farm was born. Intent Farm is a dedicated performance marketing & SEO Agency for brands. Hitesh leads this fully now and today they are proudly associated with  50+ brands like LIC, Rajasthan Royals, Furlenco & more. While our pyjamas are super comfy, we do miss seeing each other’s faces & tasting their lunch boxes, and hence we are enjoying a hybrid/full-time office work culture in some teams.


Meet Hitesh & Sahiba!

Like you can see, they are not the CEO in suits. They lead from the front, get their hands dirty, and aspire to create impact every single day.

Do you have stereotypes about what engineers from IIT Bombay are like? Well, most would come true if you met Hitesh. He’s a calm, composed Engineer who loves traveling & could speak endlessly if he saw a Google Analytics dashboard. With a career spanning over 10 years, he has worked across Industries and business sizes, right from global Conglomerates like P&G to growing startups like upGrad. He loves his numbers, and keeps the whole organisation result driven every single day.

Sahiba makes for a fairly different marketer with skills acquired across industries. She’s an Economics Gold Medalist with a sharp intellect for finance; her career started at a hedge fund. From there, to a VC-backed edtech startup, to a marketing consultant at Media.net’s Global content monetisation arm. She eventually decided to set up Walnut Folks Group and live vicariously through the impact of her work on brands. She keeps the entire group glued together with her passion, creativity and ingenious problem solving skills.


Wonder What It's Like To Be Around?

So when we started our office used to be small, and there was this one tiny meeting room, which was used as a lunch space as well. It should ideally have accommodated 6-7 people to eat comfortably and breathe. But, if you walked into our office anytime between 1-3 PM, you would at least find 12-20 people in that room. And, that is who we are.

We are very careful about the cultural fitment in our hiring process, because we know creativity or growth is absolutely impossible without collaboration and hustle.



Build A Fast Tracked Marketing Career With Us

We are always on the lookout for talented hungry marketing professionals to join our team across the Walnut Folks Group. If you are a cocktail of talent and humility – you will find us the most perfect fit for your career.

You can check out the open positions for Intent Farm, Confluencr & Walnut Folks on the Careers Page. If you don’t find what you are looking for – please email us at hr@walnutfolks.com.