Amazon Growth - Rice Brand


To improve sales while keeping ACoS under 10%

The brand had been active on Amazon since over 2 years and had done a good job of controlling ACoS but they were not being able to scale the revenue on Amazon. Our engagement was to improve the brand’s revenue while keeping ACoS in control.


Building Trust & Scaling Up

Listing Optimisation

We improved the listings’ quality with completely new imagery, fresh copy writing and SEO of the listings. The new listings had far better conversation rate than the old ones.

PPC Research & Setup

We identified new keywords and product placements where we could profitably scale. With a long list of such keywords identified, we setup 6 micro-targeting campaigns to get maximum control on bidding.

PPC Scale Up

With initial results visible, we started scaling the PPC campaigns to more keywords to further keep scaling the campaigns. We are still in this process but the results are already very promising.


26% Sales Increase in Month 1 itself

Within the 1st month of our engagement with the brand, we have increased sales by 26% while keeping ACoS within target. We are now looking at significantly growing the brand over the next months. Our internal target is to get to 1000+ units in 6 months. Given the product price is in 4 figures, that will it make a very handsome growth for the business.

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