Fashion Lifestyle Brand - eCommerce Launch


To get to ₹ 10L+ monthly revenue in 6 months

This brand aimed to enter the crowded space of online accessories for women, and like most other bootstrapped startups didn’t have the support of  hefty capital.

Their USP was the curation and designs on their store. We loved their designs and were impressed by the positive feedback from their initial few customers. We knew it’s a winner product, even if in a crowded market. And took it up as our challenge to fuel their growth!


Growth Marketing - Social Media Focussed

User Research

Given it was a short yet ambitious project for a very new brand, we knew we had to think growth marketing. So we start with asking a few critical questions – Who is the potential customer? Where do they spend most of their time? Whom do they look upto for fashion and beauty advice? & more.

Website Revamp

With the user behaviour clearly articulated, we created their website. It was designed for the key customer purchase behaviour insights and was optimised for conversions. Being built on Shopify it gave us a significant boost in speed and also allowed quick and fast iterations on the go.

Content Creation

Right from product photoshoots to descriptive content optimised for high conversions, we took care of everything needed to impress the customer and highlight th key USP of the brand – the curation of their designs.

Social Media Growth

Our social media plan focussed majorly on growing organically with minimal ad spends and heavy focus on influencer marketing. Long term partnerships with influencers helped us grow social media following consistently. We leveraged the power of social contests to create spurts of rapid growth very often.

Influencer Marketing

We on-boarded over 50 influencers within a month’s time. We helped the influencers create quality content by sharing detailed briefs and creative documents with every package. We also were lucky to impress some mega-influencers because of the designs & got onboard 3 of the biggest TV celebrities to endorse the products. Such reach and endorsements were unheard of back then, for a new brand without any paid marketing budget.

Repeat Purchases

Good products need kick-ass communication to make them stand out. We helped the brand team to create lasting relationships with their customers and influencers. We managed their reputation across all social media channels including Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Each wow-ed customer would end up leaving great reviews for the brand and we amplified these reviews through the social media again.


Rapid yet Sustainable Growth

All the efforts optimised together to improve sales, resulted in great output. Mandated with a 5X increase in sales in 6 months, we achieved 8X in this period along with improvement in other key business enablers like brand mentions, customer reviews, social media followers, influencer partnerships and SERP rankings (through the many backlinks that came from the influencers).

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