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To drive awareness & downloads for the personal security App

Houm is a never-before product, that allows users to truly own a piece of the Internet. Users can safely store all their public and private digital assets without anyone prying on it or getting access in any way.

Being a never-before product, Houm Technologies wanted to create a demand across the globe starting with India, amongst tech enthusiasts and privacy concerned internet users.


#MyDigitalFreedom - Handing the internet back to the users

Campaign Ideation

We identified there exists a lack of general knowledge amongst average users about how the internet really works and how true privacy can be achieved. We used this as our golden insight to introduce Houm. We spoke in depth about what is the internet actually made of, how big corporations give free products to get unwavered access into your personal data.

Influencer Selection

Content creators across genres were chosen basis their ability to explain complicated concepts in an entertaining way to their subscribers. Different formats like Walk Talks, Explainers, Animations etc were used to narrate the story. We chose to work with mega influencers who have a lot of inherent respect from their audience.

Seamless Execution

Through these powerful content pieces, we created awareness about true internet privacy – the pillar on which Houm has been built. The videos were all scheduled to go live within a period of a week so that the awareness is amplified and a mind share for the brand created – leading to downloads.


10K+ App Downloads in phase 1 of launch

Working with mega influencers, we were quickly able to drive the brand awareness and app page visibility. We got 10K+ app downloads within 7 days for a completely new app while keeping costs within budget.

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