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To drive social media conversations with Afzal fans globally

Afzal is a leading global Hookah brand having a fairly big market share across the globe. They have hard core fans in possibly every country on the planet. They wanted to connect with their fans on Instagram as well to drive conversations.

We identified the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 to be a good opportunity to create a global campaign to engage their fans across the world. To that end we created the campaign – #AfzalBowledOut.



#AfzalBowledOut - Cricket + Hookah

Campaign Ideation

We wanted to be a part of every World Cup house party across the globe. And so we created a global contest with micro-influencers globally. Each influencer would host Afzal Hookah house-parties and share live content during matches of their country. Countries with maximum engagement win big.

Influencer Selection

We identified Cricket & Hookah influencers across the major Cricket playing nations and partnered with them to create content throughout the Cricket World Cup. Each influencer was sent a unique World Cup hamper that flavours & branded goodies similar to their country’s team kits.

Seamless Execution

Cricket & Hookah lovers  globally cheered for their countries with their favourite flavours, making the campaign grow through the World Cup. Having heard them, we must say Aussie, Aussie, Aussie sounds better with Hookah! The cheering, the roaring, the excitement, the passion – it was a celebration unlike any other.


Passionate Engagement Across Countries

During the World Cup, the campaign got 1,700,000+ impressions and 6000+ comments from Afzal fans across the globe. Influencers created and shared 75 content pieces and then there were the fans who hosted their own parties and joined in the campaign with their content (UGC).

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