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To grow website revenue with better ad efficiency

The brand originated from a legacy parent company that had been wholesaling in the same market for 30+ years. With the brand’s product quality already established through years of expertise, our job was cut out.

We had to increase website revenue while also improving ad efficiency in a hyper competitive market. A market so competitive that Amazon has 2 of it’s own brands in the same segment!


Measured Experimentation & Growth

Website UI

The version of the website that we inherited with the project was not at all user friendly. We worked with the team relentlessly to improve the website’s conversion funnel and brand imagery.

Social Media Marketing

The backbone of the campaign – Facebook & Instagram Ads. We kept delivering and improving the RoI through these paid ads while scaling the budgets to grow revenues further.

Google Shopping Ads

We created micro-targeted Google Shopping campaigns to drive high intent traffic to the website. Along with high intent traffic, this channel also contributed significantly to good returns.


6X improvement in ads efficiency

With multiple small tests on targeting, objectives and creatives – we narrowed down on profitable campaigns within 2 months. We scaled these campaigns to improve RoI and revenues. The audience micro-targeting experiments revealed some extremely profitable audience sets that were not a part of the client’s original plan. This opened up newer avenues of growth that we will continue to maximise on over the next year.

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This is just the tip of the Ice Berg

We’ve delivered such powerful business results on many other projects. Check out our other case studies to know more about us.

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