Tegh Cables - PolyCab's #1 Dealer


To improve lead conversion rates on their website

PolyCab cables is a leading cable & wire brand in India. The brand, by default, has a lot of organic demand owing to the product quality and brand equity.

Our project here was to improve the website conversion rate for PolyCab’s #1 Dealer in India – so that it improves PolyCab’s revenue and market share.


User-Centric Website Re-Design

Website Architecture

We benchmarked equivalent B2B websites to arrive at a user friendly website architecture. The single guiding principle being – the user should get the information that they are looking for at the right places.

Content Quality

We improved the content quality so that both the target audiences – technical managers as well as purchase managers can understand and appreciate it. We focused on making their buying decisions easier, without having to look for any other source of information.

User Interface & Journeys

Designed modern user interfaces that are in sync with the brand. We optimised the website flow & interactions to reduce the drop-off rates from the lead generation process. The needs of both the target audiences were treated differently & mapped into specific lead emailer journeys.


Massive growth in user engagement & leads

We achieved a huge improvement in the user engagement metrics, lead conversation rate and lead quality as well. The results indicate that the users are finding the content more valuable and are being able to make the decisions then and there on the website itself. The big improvements in lead quality and conversion rate are massive long term value for PolyCab.

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Lead Quality

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