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To drive awareness about the newly launched Cricket App

During the 2019 Cricket World Cup Yahoo! wanted to promote its cricket fantasy app – Yahoo! Cricket. The app provided real time cricket updates with daily news and gamified polls for cricket lovers. Coming from Yahoo! there was a significant brand name behind the product and our objective was to drive quick app downloads.


#CricketAbUngliyoPar - Lightening Fast Cricket Updates

Campaign Ideation

Given that app contained some really noteworthy news articles which were interesting for cricket fanatics, we decided to highlight this feature of the app.  There were a bunch of attention-drawing articles on World Cup as well which were reported on the app. We used these for the promotions as they garnered maximum user engagement while positioning Yahoo! Cricket as the app that has inside stories.

Influencer Selection

2 major influencer types of influencers were selected for the campaign – cricket lovers and cricket related fan pages of teams as well as sports persons on Instagram. Celebrity Cricket influencers like Sudhir Gautam were also roped in to amplify the reach of the campaign. These influencers created viral videos, images, memes and contests to drive engagement on the campaign.

Seamless Execution

The biggest challenge for the campaign was that it was initiated too close to World Cup and we needed to drive results within a period of less than 5 days. Given that the app has many established competitors it was also challenging to grab eyeballs whilst majority of the content on the internet was already about the World Cup. Our team was able to successfully execute the campaign due to our trustworthy network of influencers and robust content team. 


Content Driven Virality In Less Than 48 Hours

During the World Cup season, the campaign garnered 4.6M+ impressions in a period of 2 days. Influencers created and shared 450+ content pieces and we also witnessed a whooping engagement rate of 14% where the fans kept sharing our content making it viral. 

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