Every time you google something, you see a few ads at the top of the search results page. Those are PPC (pay per click) advertisements & they are a great way to generate quality leads for your brand. In fact, it can increase your brand awareness by 80%. But to do this you need to use PPC lead generation strategy effectively to generate greater quality leads with less money spent.

But how would you do this?

There are many ways for you to achieve your goal, 7 of which we will be sharing with you. But first, a bit of premise.

Most advertising methods charge per impression or variations of it. Like the cost of a billboard depends on the location which defines the eye balls (impressions it would get). Similarly display or Youtube or Facebook advertising is the same. But Google Search and Shopping ads are PPC where you pay only when you get a click on your ad. This ensures that you pay for a more relevant result than just someone seeing your ad. And that fundamental difference makes PPC far more useful to advertisers.

Ways To Attract Quality Leads With Your PPC Lead Generation Strategy

Here are 7 ways you can use in your PPC lead generation strategy to generate high-quality leads for your brand.

1. Do’s & Don’ts of Keyword Research


Google Search results are keyword based and hence keywords make the most important parameter of a successful PPC lead generation strategy.

You need to identify & target keywords relevant to your business. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner for it. Besides your primary keywords, you can also look for keyword ideas on Google Adwords or at the bottom of the google search page.

We typically use KWFinder or SEMRush Pro along with Keywords Everywhere for deeper keyword research.

For Example, 

Consider that you are selling online courses about ‘digital marketing’. Now if you focus on the keyword ‘online course’ or ‘marketing course’, your ad will be showing up to a big audience. But not all of them are looking for digital marketing courses online and hence there is a lot of wastage in targeting such keywords. Now in the same scenario, if you target the keyword ‘online digital marketing course’ the wastage significantly reduces, and chances of success improve.

PPC Lead Generation Strategy
How To Attaract Quality Leads With Your PPC Strategy 2020

A rule of thumb in keyword research is to often look for long-tail keywords. This is because, though long-tail keywords have a lower search volume, the people using these search terms are looking for more specific results. And hence if the keywords are right you should be coming up to people who are more likely to buy. Taking the older example, if a person uses a keyword ‘digital marketing certificate program online’ – as given in the image above- they are more likely to be looking to buy a course & hence are your target audience.

According to a report, around 70% of all searches are made using long-tail keywords & their conversion rate is 2.5 times higher than that of generic keywords. You can also use ‘competitor analysis’ for better keyword research. Just keep in mind to use similar keywords and not be identical to your competitors so that you don’t go head-on and end up increasing CPCs (cost per clicks). 

2. Optimize Your Ad Copy Better

Your keywords help your advertisements reach the right people, but it is your ad copy that makes them click on it. It acts as a slight nudge to the user to click on your ad & possibly become a lead. Good copywriting is what comes into play here. You have to write a concise yet effective message for your ad copy. 

Your ad copy shouldn’t just be concentrated at providing you with a high CTR or making everyone click. It should be focused on bringing quality leads to your websites. The aim here is to bring as many customers or potential customers to the website and avoid the rest.


Here Are a Few Pointers That Can Help You Write a Better Ad Copy.

  • When writing ad copy keep your buyer persona in mind. Think about what would attract your buyer persona to click on an ad.
  • Take a cue from your offline sales pitch to highlight the things that matter most to your users.
  • Smartly display your product or services’ USP in your ad copy. If you provide products at a budget prices, include it in your ad copy.
  • Tell your customer how they are benefiting from your product or service.
  • If you have an offer, include it in your ad copy. 
  • Include a call to action to make the reader want to click

Here Are The Top 2 Results For Our Search ‘online digital marketing courses’. See How Well Written Ad Copies They Have.

PPC Lead Generation 2020

When deciding which ad copy is working best for you in the long run, you need to start testing. The best way to do this is to run at least 2 ads for the same ad group. This way you can analyze & compare both the ads & understand what works better for you & what doesn’t. 

The benefits of a good ad copy go beyond bringing buyers to the website. A good ad copy with a targeted keyword brings quality leads to your advertisements. This will enhance your quality score in the long run. And a good quality score means a lower bid-price. This means you can run more ads in a lesser budget. 

3.Optimize Your Landing Page

Any person clicking on your ad will reach your landing page. At this point, you have already paid for that click, so now your job is to make the most of that money spent. And a good landing page can help you do this. This is why it’s important you create an attractive landing page with smart content

Your landing page should properly deliver your message & entice your visitor to buy from you. For this, you need to pay close attention to various elements of your landing page like headlines & CTAs. A good headline should be short, smart yet clear. Similarly, you must use strong CTAs across the landing page to urge your visitor to buy. 

Take a look at Udemy’s Landing page for the same ad mentioned above.  


Headline With CTAs

PPC Lead Generation Strategy 2020

They Include Ratings & Reviews On The Landing Page To Make Their Course More Desirable

PPC Lead Generation Strategy For Business

A List of Related Courses is Given in Order to Entice The Visitor into Taking a Look At Them.

PPC Lead Generation Strategy FOr Business Growth

Now, suppose that a visitor comes to your website, but doesn’t buy. They are still a potential buyer, who might buy from you in the future. You just need to make sure you can retain them & they don’t forget you. How you do this is by gaining some information from them & in return give them something for free. It can be anything from a free trial of your software or a demo of your course or free evaluations depending on your industry. This way you get information from your visitors which you can later use to reach out to them. 

Here’s How Digital Scholar Uses PPC lead generation Strategy On Their Landing Page.

Their landing page displays this message at the top

PPC Lead Generation Strategy Plan

Once you click on ‘Register Now’, it takes you to this form

PPC Lead Generation Strategy Plan 2020

Once you have this information from your leads, keep in touch with them in a way to convince them to buy from you in the future.  

4. Know Whom To Advertise To & Who Not To

Probably the most important point when it comes to advertising is understanding who you are catering to. Once you understand who your customer is, you can create an advertisement that caters to them. 

To understand who your target customer is you can use the following three aspects.


Create Your Buyer Persona 

The best way to understand your target customer & their needs is to create a buyer persona for your brand. Your buyer persona is your ideal person. It is your sketch of the person who would buy your product or service. It is the closest image to most of your end customers. The more vivid your buyer persona is, the easier it will be for you to make decisions for your ads. 

When creating a buyer persona, focus on prospects like-

  • Their demographics
  • Industry & occupation
  • Skills
  • Challenges they face
  • Things that might interest them
  • Brands they might consider buying from 

Once you have a persona, you can decide what your end customer might be looking for or the keywords they might use. This gives direction to your PPC lead generation strategy. 

Analyze Your Current Customers

You can analyze the available data you have to track your customers. Use the data related to your current consumers & figure out the personality & choices of your customers. This will help you figure out what works for your brand. You can also track your leads to understand better working keywords.

Analyze Your Competitors

For better understanding, you can look at your competitors. Analyze their user base & compare your strategies with theirs. This will help you understand what kind of customers are they attracting to their brand & how. 

These steps will help you establish who is your customer & on the flip side, who is not. This way you can concentrate on better keywords & ads that will attract only relevant valuable leads to your brand.

5. Analyze Your Competition & Surpass Them

To improve your chances of success, you check a few things from your competitors campaigns:

  • Keywords that they are targeting
  • Landing pages
  • Ad copies
  • Extensions that they are using

You can borrow ideas from your competitors and use them to optimize your ads better, thus beating your competitors. 

  • You can look for high-value target keywords that your competitors might be using to gain quality leads. Also, you can use these & other similar keywords in your campaigns to get better results.
  • You can learn from your competitors’ effective ad copies.
  • You can take points to revitalize your landing page to make it more engaging for your audience.

6. Know Where Your Leads Are Coming From With URL Tracking

Knowing where your existing leads come from can be widely useful in planning your PPC advertising strategies for the future. If you can analyze which keywords are working best for you or which campaigns are working better than others or which device led the most leads to your ad; it can help you plan your future campaigns much more precisely.

Fortunately, you can do this & more with the help of UTM Parameters. These are codes or snippets of texts which you need to include after your URL text. This will help monitor & track traffic on your website URL. Different UTM parameters can be used for different purposes ranging from ad platforms to the device used to search for a specific. 

The table below from Hubspot depicts 6 majorly used parameters & their uses. You can use multiple of these to help you track the origin of your leads to your landing page.

PPC Lead Generation Strategy 2020 Plan

You can successfully incorporate these parameters using Google Adwords.

7. Optimize Your Ads For Mobile User


Most people today access the internet using their mobile phones. In fact, according to Digital 2020, 92% of all your internet users access the internet using mobile phones. In fact, 53% of all paid clicks come from mobile phones. So optimising your ads, landing pages and extensions for mobile users is critical. 

Think of including location and call extensions as a little of mobile experiences end into Maps or calls. And far more qualified leads than someone filling a form.

PPC Lead Generation For Brand

The Best Way To Generate Leads – Get A Professional To Do It For You

As simple as they might sound, the above given 7 ways to generate leads aren’t exactly a piece of cake. They require a lot of analysis & experience for you to figure out the right strategy for your brand. This is why we suggest that you leave this work to the professionals.

Professional agencies like us, Walnut Folks work with multiple brands to create profitable PPC campaigns for them that convert better. Here are a few reasons why you should leave your PPC ads to professionals. 

  • Professionals are constantly in touch with the platforms and current strategies to deliver solid results, faster.
  • It saves you a lot of time, money & resources since you don’t need to keep testing over & over to find just the right mix that works for you.
  • Your PPC ads need to be analyzed & optimized from time to time to suit your consumers’ needs. Professionals understand this & hence can give you the best advice on how your ads can be optimized to work better every time.

PPC Lead Generation Strategy is a very effective strategy for every brand. But only when it is done right. We hope you found our tips useful. If you have more queries on the subject, you can reach us out at hello@walnutfolks.com. We are forever happy to assist you.