Attract More Customers Using Google Ads Conversion Funnel

What do you do when you need to buy something or just want to browse through some options before buying something?

You google it!

You type a random search on google, say ‘natural health supplements’ & voila!

There you have a bunch of Google ads from various companies selling natural supplements that you can check out & buy if you want.

Well, your customers are no different. Every time they have to buy a product or service, they follow the same process. And since you are on the selling end of this system, you can make use of this to increase your sales. But getting a person to see your ad on Google & then to actually convert into a customer is not so easy. It is a multi-stage process, which we can better explain through a funnel, called a Conversion Funnel,  wherein a common viewer of your Google ad enters & comes out as your brand’s customer.

google ads conversion funnel

What Is A Conversion Funnel?

A Conversion Funnel is essentially a pathway that starts from you spreading awareness about your brand & ends giving you customers. Once you understand each step of this funnel properly, you can easily generate more & more leads, thereby increasing your sales. 

google ads conversion funnel

How Does It Work?

Now, if you are thinking that you’ll show one ad on Google & you’re website will be flooding with leads, or if a person visited your website, they will definitely convert; then let us tell you, that’s not how it works.

That’s definitely NOT how it works!

Whether you want people buying your products or services or just leave a lead behind for you to follow, you need to work for it. In a sense, you need to EARN that conversion. To understand how we will lead you through each step of the Conversion Funnel, one by one. 

How Does It Help?

google ads conversions
google ads conversions
google ads conversions

Start By Generating Awareness Through Google Ads

google ads conversions

People will visit your website if they know what you do. And for that to happen, you have to tell them.

Let’s take the natural supplements example again. 

For your targeted audience to know you sell natural supplements, they need to see your name up first, when they google the keyword.

And how do you make this happen?

Through Google search ads & Google shopping ads.

How This Goes

For both these ads, you’ll have to pay through the CPC (Cost Per Click) model. This means you’ll be paying only for the number of clicks your products get, i.e. for the number of people that visited you.

This way you let your audience know that you’re selling the services they are looking for.

Out of all the people who see your ads, the people who clicked on it are the people you should target. So, through awareness, you get to sort the larger audience to a more specific audience, that is more interested in your products.

And this takes us to the next step of the funnel.

Awareness Leads To Potential Customers

Of all the people that click on your ads & visited your website, some might browse through your products & even buy some. Which means that they converted to a customer, directly from your Google ad. But this will happen in the case of very few people, out of the total number of people who clicked.

 Most of the people who viewed your products, will not convert immediately. But they are potential customers. There might be a number of scenarios, due to which they didn’t convert. Of all the scenarios, we will select the following. (in all the below-given scenarios, we will consider, that our potential customers are yet to buy the supplements they were looking for)

Whatever the reason might be, they are still your potential customers & you need to target them in order to turn them into leads. 

So, we started this step with all the people that clicked on the ads & are left with the people who clicked but did not buy.

This leads us to the next step of turning these potential customers to considerers.

Turn Potential Customers To Considerers

Now, of all the people that didn’t buy, some might leave a lead on your landing page, by leaving their contact details, like an email ID. In this scenario, you contact them through mail, trying to convert them to customers.

For the people that didn’t leave a lead, you retarget them using Facebook Pixel & Google remarketing list as mentioned below.

These steps help you get many of the potential customers back to you, who will either buy from you & if not that, they will at least start considering your product.

Considerers Will Become Customers

The final step of the funnel. This is where you turn those who are considering your product to your customers. 

Basically you have to prove why they should choose you over your competitors. You need to stay in touch with them & remind them of your brand from time to time in a way to bring them back to your website urging them to make a purchase. This you can do in a number of ways. Some of them are mentioned here. 

Out of these considerers, some will become customers, but the customers that come out of the funnel will be loyal customers that will stay with you for longer.

how to attract more leads through google ads


how to attract more leads through google ads

PPC entails a surprising amount of effort and strategy in the backend. Who knew one click would require so much, right? But that one click is one big window for customers to know and engage with your brand, and ultimately become its customer. Optimizing the content, keeping an occasional healthy check on competitor brands, and knowing the technical background to keywords, URLs, and other analyses will come extremely handy to nail the right PPC strategy.

So if you wish to do it right, we hope this article helped. And if you have more queries on the subject, you can reach us out at hello@walnutfolks.com. We are forever happy to assist you.

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