Currently, Social media is the best way to reach more and more people. Out of the many social media sites, Instagram is probably the best and most useful for you when it comes to marketing your brand successfully. Where more than 50% Instagram posts on every Instagram feed are random posts and not just posts from one’s family and friends, it is a great opportunity for any brand to get seen by more and more people. With the increased use of smartphones and the internet, Instagram helps to reach people with less effort.

Since Instagram is primarily a visual app, i.e Instagram posts are primarily photos and short videos and not content-based posts, marketing on Instagram requires more artistic skills than just advertising. Especially for smaller brands, this is a very good opportunity to be known quite easily.  But, you need to build a tempting profile and posts if you wish to become popular.

Here we have summed up some ideas and points for you to consider while building a good Instagram profile for your brand.

Switch to Business profile:

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For any brand, switching to a business profile is probably the best feature, since moving from a personal to a business profile has multiple benefits. Though switching to a business profile causes you to lose the liberty to make your posts private and to link to multiple facebook profiles, these things are of minor concerns for a brand’s profile.
Instead of a simple personal profile, a business profile on Instagram gives you access to features like including a contact button on your profile, giving information to your followers like contact numbers, email address and directions to reach you easily. Features like instagram ads or promoted posts which allow you to run campaigns or promote posts from your profile allow you to reach more and more people easily. Another great feature are the Instagram insights, which help you get analytics regarding your complete profile. Right from your followers to the analytics for every post and stories can be obtained easily with this feature.

Once your business profile is set, it’s most important part is the bio or description on your profile. For anyone visiting your profile for the first time, your instagram bio can create an opinion regarding your brand. So, its important that your bio gives all required information about the brand. But the character limit for any Instagram bio is 150 characters, so its important for you to be very precise. It usually better to opt for a simple bio, telling who you are as a brand and what do you do. You can also add the link for your brand’s website at the end of the bio, so that your customers can reach you easily.

Move with the trends

The craze of trends has taken Instagram from time to time. You can use this too for your benefit. A good example of this was the trend of brands maintaining an Instagram gird in a single colour palette. They arranged their posts in such a way on their Instagram profile that they all belong to the same colour palette or show a consistent pattern in them. This makes the profiles look more interesting and attractive, increasing popularity for the brand. Since a major part of the Instagram audience are trendy young adults, if your brand and its posts are trending, chances are, they will be shared and liked more, increasing your popularity among the audience.

Make your posts fun

People often open their Instagram just to look at random posts and not to look for something specific, and when they find a post interesting or funny, they often share it. So, to grow as a brand on Instagram, it’s important that at least some of your posts look interesting and entertaining to the viewers. The more interesting your posts are, the more interested they will be in your brand.

A good way of doing this is by posting good quotes or facts relevant to your brand besides just posts related to your brands. To be more fun, you can post memes or some tiny jokes that will gather attention. Remember that your posts and pictures should be relatable to your audience, so that they are liked more.

Be consistent


Consistency is a major factor for fame on Instagram. You must be very consistent with your posts. Avoid random once in a while posts and be more regular. This represents that your brand is very active on social media and cares about the opinions of its audience. Another thing that you can do is be very prompt with replying to comments on your posts or tagging whenever necessary. Try to use more creative and unique posts on special occasions and festivals. This gathers attention to your brand, making it popular among the common instagram users.

Hashtags: Use, don’t overuse

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Hashtags are a very useful tool on Instagram. Most people tend to look for certain types of posts with these hashtags. Hence, it is extremely important for you to make sure, your posts have the relevant hashtags on them, so they appear in the corresponding hashtag gallery. But the point to remember is not to overuse them.

Though the limit for hashtags on any post is 30, adding too many hashtags or irrelevant hashtags on posts can have a negative effect on your brand. It can cause your page to be shadowbanned, which means that your posts might not appear on the hashtags gallery when someone searches for certain hashtags. This can reduce your Instagram visibility, causing you to lose popularity.

Be unique

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The most important aspect that your brand needs to acquire fame on Instagram is uniqueness. You need to exhibit an original thought for your brand to stand out. Your brand must look strikingly unique to the viewers, so that it doesn’t get lost among the multitude of other similar brands. You need to try and be creative with your posts so that more and more people like them and share them with others too. The more your posts get shared, the more people get to see it and are then motivated to get your products.

Social media is the ultimate marketing platform in the modern world and as a brand you need to understand it to become popular. Walnut Folks can help you with it. We have the experts of social media marketing who understand the world of social media marketing inside out. To improve your business social media presence, we know the exact strategy to work on. So if you have any queries regarding social media marketing, feel free to drop your questions in the  comments below.



Imperfection is perfection


As a brand, try to look more friendly and not strictly professional on Instagram. Instead of all perfectly professional business related posts, try to opt for something better, like encourage your audience to post pictures and tag your brand in them, every time they use your products or you can post customer reviews on your profile, tagging your customers. Another thing you can do is to ask your audience to tag their friends on certain relatable memes or funny posts. This way you can reach more and more people.

Instagram stories

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  • Another feature on Instagram that can immensely help your brand is the swipe-up feature on the Instagram stories. So, basically, you can add the link of your brand or products page in your Instagram story and when the customers see the story and swipe up on it, they will reach that link. This makes it much easier for you to connect with your customers and for them to know about your services easily. The only important point to consider while using the swipe up feature on Instagram is that your brand must have a business account on Instagram and you should have at least 10000 followers.