Marketing Research & Analytics

Nagpur, Maharashtra

About Walnut Folks (

Our left brain dominates logical thinking, analysis of patterns, and data whereas the right helps us emote. Typically, most brand communication gets either of the two right; very data-driven monotonous conversations with consumers where they don’t end up relating to the brand or so creative that you end up liking but not really buying the product.

When you put together masters of logical thinking and experts in creativity together, it’s a wholesome brain more like a walnut – strong and rich in value. Walnut Folks is a holistic growth-driven marketing agency with expertise in data, design, and technology. With over 8+ years of experience in entrepreneurship and working with the biggest agencies, the founding team hails from the most reputed institutes of the country.

Job Description :

  • Determining key performance indicators, collecting and analyzing data, and reporting on campaign success.
  • Providing insights on marketing campaign performance and return on investment
  • Developing and maintaining data and reporting processes
  • Overseeing market research studies to understand customer behaviour
  • Providing guidance on measurement and goals for other teams across the organization
  • Creating and monitoring reporting dashboards
  • Collaborating with other teams to implement new systems and tracking
  • Analyzing data and presenting trends, insights and strategic recommendations

Skill(s) required:

  • Analytic thinker
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Extremely organized, deadline-oriented, and detail-oriented
  • Possesses an understanding of digital media and familiar with web traffic and performance metrics
  • Preferably an engineering degree

Benefits: –

  • Free workshops, courses, and material for learning skills
  • Access to games, books and an inspiring workspace
  • Semi-casual dress code
  • Endless conversations with like-minded talented individuals over Tea/Coffee

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