Global Influencer Activation Case Study

#ICCWC2019 Influencer Campaign For Afzal

Objective:  To promote the brand Afzal globally without paid advertisements


Hookah flavours


Brand awareness


Afzal is a leading global Hookah brand that has a fairly big market share across the globe. They have achieved this due to a great product that has hard core fans in possibly every country. However, promoting Hookah is forbidden on most online platforms as well on television in most countries.

We identified the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 to be a good opportunity to create a global influencer marketing campaign that could promote the brand via trusted voices in the industry. To that end we created the campaign – #AfzalBowledOut.


While paid promotions on social media is not allowed for Hookah, there is no restriction on organic content. And hence, we decided to work with influencers to create organic content to promote Afzal.

With more than a billion users today, Instagram is probably the biggest Social Media platform today, which can be used to increase recognition for any brand. The biggest class of users of Instagram are young people, what we call as Generation Z. Another thing that this generation highly appreciates is sports & cricket is a favourite throughout the globe.

We identified influencers across the major Cricket playing nations and partnered with them to create content during the Cricket World Cup.

The idea was to use Instagram to unite Cricket Lovers to make Afzal Hookah Molasses a part of the celebration and viewing experience throughout the World Cup season.

The Big Win – Influencers!

Afzal created a special World Cup edition of Hookah flavours which were sent to Hookah and Shisha influencers across the globe.

Influencers would host match parties at their places and go live with their friends – cheering for the country while enjoying the Afzal flavours. Having heard them, we must say Aussie, Aussie, Aussie sounds better with Hookah!

Influencers hosted contests in respective countries to invite Cricket lovers to engage with Afzal and win the World Cup edition of Hookah flavours.

Cricket lovers and Hookah lovers alike cheered for their countries with their favourite flavours making the campaign grow through the World Cup.



During the World Cup, the campaign got 700,000+ impressions and 6000+ engagements from audiences across the globe. Influencers created 75 content pieces including posts, stories and videos.






Content Assets


Brand Contests

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