Content Marketing Case Study

Wealth Management SERVICES

Objective: To promote their content and to make it reach to the right audiences and also a wider audience.


Wealth Management Services


Financial Services
HNI Clientele


The brand is a premium Wealth Management Service mostly focusing on Indian Equity Markets. They have been working in the Indian Equity Markets for over 5 years now and have been producing benchmark returns on their managed portfolios since then. They work primarily with High Networth Individuals to increase their return on equity investments.


Given that the content is primarily based on their research in the financial markets as well as their insights on various listed companies; we had to focus our efforts on distributing this content widely such that it gains the right eye balls for the brand. 

Establishing a new brand amongst the HNI clientele is typically very difficult in this space as HNI clientele do not tend to believe on information on the internet. Positioning the content and the brand becomes extremely important to get results.

Social Media Marketing

Starting with setting up their social media handles on premium social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and right upto sharing content and gaining following and engagement on these channels.

Content Repurposing

We repurposed existing content to newer formats so that we could increase the viewership and also use repackaged content multiple times.

Content Distribution

We redistributed the content on platforms where their key audiences spend their time by tying up with the platforms or writers there. Sharing content on a relevant existing content piece gets extremely relevant eye balls.

Branded Content

We set up the brand guidelines across content formats and tied it with the content creation process – this established brand recall amongst the readers.


Screenshot on the side shows how we activated the referral channel (we started on Feb 1) and grew traffic significantly for them via referrals and social sharing of content to niche audiences. The two tall towers represent the weeks where they had published some very insightful content.

Screenshot below shows the overall traffic growth during the last 2 months in comparison to the traffic before we started working with them. We’ve made tremendous impact on all of the key metrics for them by creating a smart content distribution plan that got them, not just visitors but highly relevant visitors who were spending a lot more time on the site and hence also getting far more primed to signup to their services.

Such quick and high quality growth for a B2B business means very high impact on bottom line as the average revenue per user (ARPU) for such businesses is very high!


Referral Traffic Growth





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