eCommerce Product Launch Case Study


Objective: To grow sales 5X in 6 months with ZERO paid promotions.


Monthly subscription box for Accessories


Fashion & Lifestyle


From Paris Box aimed to enter the crowded space of online accessories for women, and like most other bootstrapped startups didn’t have the support of capital.
Their USP is the curation and designs on their store. We loved their designs and were impressed by the positive feedback from their initial few customers. We knew it’s a winner product, even if in a crowded market. And took it up as our challenge to promote them!

Given we only had 6 months and that it was a very new brand, we knew we had to think growth marketing. So we went about asking a few critical questions – Who is the potential customer? Where do they spend most of their time? Whom do they look upto for fashion and beauty advice? 

Website Design

Starting with user research to identify key customer purchase behaviour insights right up to converting it into a beautiful website that converts!

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging Instagram, Youtube and Facebook to nurture the leads generated through Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

Identifying key influencers, finding win-win partnerships and working with them to promote the products with the right messaging.

Content and Photoshoots

Managing product photoshoots and descriptor content optimised for high conversions – to be used on the website as well as on social media.


We narrowed down the influencer search to those who can genuinely move the needle for a young brand and create positive RoI. We on-boarded over 50 influencers within a month’s time and started sharing products, content and creatives with them to help them market effectively. We created an interesting spin on the influencer marketing model by merging it with affiliate marketing and the results were spot on.

In this period, we used multiple campaigns to reach influencers. One of our campaigns focussed towards mega-influencers got onboard 3 of the biggest TV celebrities to endorse the products. It was a very creative and a slightly secret campaign 🙂 Such reach and endorsements are unheard of, for a new brand without any paid marketing budget.


User Experience Research

We started with understanding the online purchase behaviour for this category and the target audience for From Paris Box.

Website Design

We designed and coded the whole website with a backend to manage the entire eCommerce operations. 

Product Photoshoot and Content

We shot all the products with eCommerce specifications and created content to ensure high purchase rates.

Website Features

We added a lot of features to the backend to make operations super easy – shipment tracking, influencer tracking, payment gateway, personalisation requests etc.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We optimised the website flow and interactions to reduce the drop-off rates from the checkout process.


Good products need kick-ass communication to make them stand out. We helped the team of From Paris Box to create lasting relationships with their customers and influencers. We managed their reputation across all social media channels including Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Each wow-ed customer would end up leaving great reviews for the brand and we amplified these reviews through the social media again.

The end result, you ask? 4.9/5 rating on Facebook, repeat purchase rate 80%+, organic brand mentions and organic growth through the roof.


All the efforts optimised together to improve sales, resulted in great output. Mandated with a 5X increase in sales in 6 months, we achieved 8X in this period along with improvement in other key business enablers like brand mentions, customer reviews, social media followers, influencer partnerships and SERP rankings (through the many backlinks that came from the influencers).

  • Return Users – 80%
  • Customer ACquisition COSt REDUCTION – 60%


Sales Growth






Customer Ratings

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