Logos are the face of your brand. Before you communicate to your potential customers through words in written or spoken form, it is the logo that has already spoken volumes about your brand. What are the attributes of a logo on the basis of which people infer so much and make so many judgments about your brand? Can the choice of fonts actually affect your sales?

Logo designing can be very tricky given the fact that it is majorly based on human psychology and how humans respond to different colours and designs. With our team of experts in brand marketing, we help you design versatile, exhaustive, meaningful and creative logos that resonate with your brand and leave an impression on the minds of the viewers. Here are a few case studies of our successful logo designing ventures.



House of Comet is a premium canine grooming essentials brand. Inspired by Comet – a pug who is very particular about maintaining his fitness regime, diets and social circle. In 2014, Comet was diagnosed with thyroid – an ailment he chose to fight bravely. Loved dearly by his parents, Comet went on to become an inspiration behind the endeavour that is now called House of Comet.

While creating the logo for this brand, we had one thing clear in mind. The qualities of Comet are going to form the identity of the brand; and this we incorporated in the logo by the colours, fonts and graphics that we used.

The most prominent figure in the House of Comet logo is the dog with a conspicuous snout that not only stands for the utterly refined dog that Comet is but also the premium products of HoC. We used the snooty dog to symbolize a certain class in the products they make. The general image of a dog in the minds of most people is a smile on the face, a wagging tail, and the dog coming to them running happily. We incorporated this element too, but with a personalized touch to it. Comet, because of the kind of dog he is, would show love in the subtlest ways possible; and this becomes a quality of the brand. Made with natural ingredients, the brand’s products are gentle on the pet’s coat – just like the kiss blown by the dog in the logo.

We have played with both cool and warm tones in the logo. A white background complements the finesse of the product and its safe and pure composition, while the strategically placed yellow colored ear gives a playful, vibrant feel and also stands for Comet’s courage and his parents’ optimistic approach towards his condition. The color red, along with being easily noticeable, is also an emotionally intense color. The red heart encapsulates the essence of the brand – that it is built around love and care for your pets.

The font chosen is a non serif, plain and sophisticated font that perfectly complements their quality and undeterred efforts towards delivering the best.



For a brand that sells food, the right logo is the one that makes people hungry. Once this thought was clear in our heads, we went on to deciding the colors that should go into the logo for this one.

Red is a color that is known to evoke a number of responses. Increase in metabolism rate is one of them. The color red can actually make you feel hungry (there’s a reason why we all like our gravies darker). We got in some black in the ‘right’ to make the logo look more professional and credible. The green leaves stand for eating healthy and the color itself is associated with health most of the times. The logo has been placed inside a frame and this makes the brand look neat and clean – even in terms of the food they make. A white background provides an ideal contrast to the three colors in the logo and also symbolizes purity, cleanliness and hygiene.

An interesting element is the ‘e’ in Eat Right is the lid that forms the upper half of the letter making the logo quite descriptive about the brand.

The font chosen is modern font. A sans serif font was chosen because the brand wanted to establish its identity as one with a forward looking ideology. This font gives a distinctive and determined vibe to the brand and helps the customers trust the brand with their health and safety.



While creating the logo for Udapure Jewelers, we had to keep several contrasting aspects in mind. It had to look traditional yet contemporary and magnificent yet modest. Good logos describe the brand identity all by themselves and this is what we always try to achieve.

The logo of Udapure Jewelers at the first glance looks like a bold, capital, orange U and a small J with some motif inside the boundary of the letters. Even without much thought, a person can easily associate the logo with the brand because it obviously seems to be based on the initials of the brand name. Self sufficient in grasping attention, orange is a warm color tone associated with sunshine, vibrancy and freedom and evokes a sense of trust and grandness – a striking similarity with the feelings evoked by jewelry.

However, this is not the sole intriguing fact about the logo. On a closer gaze, it appears to look like a peacock whose feathers have been cleverly designed in the shape of the kundan stones used in jewelry. But what’s the point of fitting in a bird in the logo of a jewelry brand?  

Well, we chose peacock because of its cultural significance. Being the national bird of India, the peacock has been immensely cherished over the years. We tried to draw a parallel between the national bird and gold jewelry in the sense that the importance and the cultural value people attach to it never diminishes in our country.

Two absolutely contrasting fonts have been used to write the brand name – complementing the contrast of orange on a white background. As mentioned before, the idea was to make the brand look traditional yet contemporary – something that even the current generation can relate to. The font we chose to write ‘Udapure’ in is a script font, which is a rather easy going and quite feminine font, unlike the capital, sans serif font for ‘Jewellers’ that gives off a rather majestic and intense vibe.

The brand identity created by the logo is such that the target market will effortlessly, subconsciously and definitely relate to it.



From Paris Box is a premium e-commerce destination for coveted fashion and lifestyle products delivered to the doorstep.

While taking up logo designing for this brand, we had one thing very clear in mind – Keep it Simple. The brand logo had to resonate with its name and products. Our focus was on the word ‘Paris’ – a brand that so evidently and rightfully so claims to be a pioneer of French fashion in this country had to be French in its identity as well, for only then will it be able to build credibility among the potential customers.

We thought of giving the logo a little edgy look. While it was very clear that the logo has to look sophisticated, a little deviation from placing text horizontally wouldn’t look all that bad. We gave the logo two parts – a vertical ‘From’ and a horizontal ‘Paris’, and it looked as good as a model clothed in her French finery.

Keeping it subtle was the idea from the very beginning. After a lot of deliberation, we zeroed in on a color – and it was black. Inarguably, no color depicts class and elegance in tandem with such ease as black does. It also passed the ‘French feel’ filter that we had put many colors through. The only task that was now left was to decide the font.

We considered both serif and sans serif fonts and ultimately decided that it is going to be something that is just like the accessories of the brand – elegant. Hence, we chose a modern font. Modern fonts are structured and very eye catchy. This type of font combines elegance, smartness and intelligence –like the women the brand targets. The font looks very determined because of its vertical stress and no inclination. This is one of the reasons why women would feel a whole lot more confident about shopping from this brand because the font establishes it as a trustworthy brand in the minds of the audience.

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