eCommerce Product Launch Case Study

SNACK Brand launch

Objective:¬†To grow the brand’s website sales profitably.


Packaged Healthy Snacks


Packaged Food & Beverages


The brand originated from a legacy parent company that had been wholesaling in the same market for 30+ years. With their expertise of quality products and our expertise of performance marketing – we created a profitable online business within 1 year of launch.

With the brand’s product quality already established through years of expertise, our job was cut out. We had to promote the products to a defined target audience in a cut throat competitive market.

A market so competitive that Amazon has 2 of it’s own brands in the market!

Website UI Improvement

The version of the website that we inherited with the project was not at all user friendly. We worked with the team relentlessly to improve the website’s conversion funnel so that atleast conversion don’t get impacted because of the design we inherited.

Social Media Marketing

The backbone of the campaign – Facebook & Instagram Ads. We kept delivering positive RoI through these paid ads and kept growing the budgets to scale the campaigns further.

Business Processes

Like we usually do, we got into the business processes that effect sales and customer experience. We worked with the team to iterate returns, COD, packaging and delivery processes to maximise customer retention without additional spends.

Google Ads & Shopping Campaigns

We delivered high RoI through google search and shopping campaigns while also driving high intent traffic to the website. This funnel led to a strong growth in the brand’s recognition.

BIG WIN – Facebook Ads!

We tested, tested and tested frugally till we found the gold mine! The tests included multiple experiments on targetting, objectives and creatives that kept improving our RoI to ultimately get us an extremely profitable campaign.

The audience micro-targeting experiments revealed some extremely profitable audience sets that were not a part of the client’s original plan. This opened up newer avenues of growth that we will continue to maximise on over the next year.


With the key metric being efficiency of paid ads, we improved that phenomenally to 6X since we started, a year ago. There is still significant potential of growth that we forsee and are targeting to increase revenue by 4X in the coming year while still improving efficiency of paid ads.


Ad Spends Efficiency






Repeat Purchasers

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