Quality Content = Better Engagement


If you are reading this blog, chances are that you must have read the above statement sometime, somewhere before. You must have an idea of how powerful a good content marketing strategy can prove in making your brand’s marketing strategy a success. 

If you don’t, let us enlighten you. 

Hubspot says that a strong content marketing strategy can help you generate 3 times more leads compared to paid advertising.

Yes, you read that right! 3 TIMES MORE LEADS!!

A good content strategy can prove to be your brand’s holy grail if done right. And good content strategy comprises of good content or better said ‘quality content.’

Why is Quality Content So Important?

Well, because it drives more engagement for the brand, i.e. it helps your brand come into the eyes of as many people as possible, by positively publicizing it & making your consumers interested in it.

Every brand wants ‘engagement’. And if it comes through ‘quality content’, so be it.

But, do you know what exactly ‘quality content’ mean?

If yes, then good. Keep reading to ensure how correct your idea of quality content is.

If no, then as always, we are here.

What is Quality Content?

Quality content is the content that provides value to the reader as well as to the brand. In other words, it interests & engages the readers, while at the same time driving more leads for the brand. Quality content is often has a specific targeted audience and can prove beneficial for the brand in the long run as it becomes a prime source of producing potential leads for the brand.

How Does Quality Content Drive Better Engagement?

When we say that quality content drives better engagement, what we mean is that it lures the reader into reading it, then staying on the website & before they even know it, it creates interest in their mind regarding your brand. This makes the reader actually want to visit you and they do. Another thing to notice here is that if a consumer comes to you through your content, they are probably a potential customer and will definitely leave a lead to follow. 

And how does the content do this?

Simply, by being amazing to read!

Quality content has the following qualities, due to which it drives better engagement to the brand.

importance of quality content in engagement

It Is Informative

First & foremost, quality content provides the readers with what they are looking for. No matter how well written your content is unless it provides answers to readers’ questions, it is useless. It should provide information, preferably with hard evidence of surveys or statistics, because ‘numbers don’t lie.’ The more relevant & backed up with evidence your content is, the more readers will like it. Providing information should be the primary objective of your content.

It is SEO Friendly

Content & SEO go hand in hand. And quality content aces the SEO strategy. It is the most SEO friendly sort of content you can come across. It comprises of the right keywords & abides by your SEO strategy. This also means that your content targets only the right audience, which increases the chances of its success. The more SEO friendly your content will be, the more chances of it reaching the better audiences, hence driving better leads for the brand.

It Drives Greater CTR

Good content has a higher CTR compared to average content. What this essentially means is that of all the people that visit a page, whether or not they will click to get to your website or to become a lead depends on your content. Quality content will make more & more readers click, thus increasing your CTR. In a way you can say that quality content ensures that more & more people visit you, ultimately increasing chances of leads for you to follow, with more quality content.

It Increases The Visit Duration

It’s not only important to drive more & more people to the website. It is equally important to make them stay there. If they are going to run for the hill, after only reading a few sentences from your content, your content is far from good. You need to make sure that your content is good enough that people actually feel like spending time reading it. This is a major sign of quality content, that it makes people stay longer on the page. Besides, the longer they stay on the content page, the greater their chances of becoming leads.

It Ranks Well

Since quality content is informative, interesting & SEO friendly, it also ranks well on Google. When searching for a topic relevant to the content, quality content can be found on the first google page. Now what decides whether or not your content will rank good are two factors. Firstly, being SEO friendly and engaging decides how worthy your content is & secondly, the number of time users spend on it helps confirm your place on the first page of Google search results.

It is Unique

By unique we don’t just mean plagiarism free content. Quality content is way more than that. It should provide unique data in the most convenient form for the readers. It should give them the original data, that most of your competitors are not providing through their content. Because originality is what the readers look for. If you are providing the same information as everyone else, then why would someone choose you over anyone else? Your uniqueness is your key to stay in your consumers’ minds.

importance of quality content in seo

How To Test If Your Content is Quality Content?

Now that you know how quality content can help drive better engagement for your brand, it’s time you do a check for your own content, to acknowledge whether or not it can be considered quality content by your readers. And this can be done very easily.

You can grade your content on the basis of whether it can give you a positive answer for at least 3 of the below given 5 questions. If it can, then it can be considered as quality content.

But what you do need to remember here is that your answers should be from a readers’ perspective, because the whole motto is to establish whether or not your content has any value to the reader, while benefiting your brand.

quality content infographic

Would the reader want it?

Finally, quality content drives more & more consumers to you in the form of leads. Also, since these leads are generated from an organic source, they have a greater chance of converting into consumers. In a way you can say, your content must attract more consumers for you.


Quality content is at the centre of a good content marketing strategy. Writing good content can validate the professionality and value in your brand. Apart from generating leads which is what all brands live for, this kind of content also creates a strong relationship with the customers. It reinforces that you care about your brand and their discretion.

Now in order to achieve superlative quality content, it is usually preferable to ask for the help from the subject matter experts. We don’t like to brag, but we’ve carefully honed the art of creating quality content here at Walnut Folks. We are adept at content marketing, social media marketing and will help you create the best quality content for your brand.

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