It is rightly said that first impression is the last impression. With all due respect, we’d like to take some time and space to contradict the point that Shakespeare tried to make when he said ‘What’s in a name?’. With the evolution of technology and the revolution in commerce, a major chunk of the population would be deprived of some of the most amazing and widely used products, had those brands decided to remain anonymous and faceless; had those brands decided to work without an identity. It’s here that a Branding Agency comes in.

For a brand to be accepted by the masses, it first needs to appeal to the masses. A brand can appeal to the masses only if the code it works by strikes a chord with the audience. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ may sound all nice and idealistic but in reality this is what customers do to superficially scrutinise your brand.

How you portray yourself on the outside contributes a lot to the conjectures that the consumers make on what is going to be inside. In short, if you succeed in designing a face for your brand that is unique, resonates with the whole idea of your brand and the product and also happens to make a room for itself in the hearts and minds of the audiences, congratulations, your product sells.

Precisely, if you give your brand an identity and then an appealing and relevant visual identity, only then will your brand be able to realize its full potential.

In the myriad websites on this mammoth network called the worldwide web it is possible for your business to get lost in the race of ‘Who will be the customers’ favourite?’. And that’s exactly why we’re here – to give your brand a unique identity so that it stands out and carves an image for itself. Precisely, we give your brand an identity for itself.


Brands that are consistently presented are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility and recall. The average revenue increase attributed to consistent brand identity is ~23%.


Increase in brand recognition due to colour


Brand Managers feel that building an audience is more important than direct sales


Consumers cite shared values as the primary reason for having a relationship with a brand


Consumers expect brands to know when are the right moments to communicate


Brand identity refers to how you want your real and potential customers to look at your brand; an identity to set your brand apart from the others. It is about what the perception of your brand is going to be in the minds of the people.

We at Walnut Folks conduct an intensive study of the key areas of your brand. For example, the industry, products and services offered, target demographic, the ideals you value and also, your competitors. On the basis of the results derived from this study we come to various important conclusions that would affect the decision making when it comes to creating your brand identity,  some of them being the logo of the brand, the tagline, tone of communication, typeface for the written content, prominent colors used for the fontface and the logo.

Zeroing in on a particular color that would stand for your brand is an important decision. Different colors have different vibes and we just cannot underestimate the major role colors have to play when it comes to creating a brand identity. The color could be incorporated in the brand logo, the brand name, on the website or even the packaging of the product.

It is not uncommon for human beings to judge someone on the basis of their handwriting. In fact, graphology deals with studying the handwriting of a person to draw various conclusions about one’s personality. Hence, one cannot deny the fact that the fonts you choose for your brand matter a lot. We realize the importance of the same and hence after an extensive study of your brand – the product you wish to sell, the message you wish to communicate and the values you cherish – we choose the right fonts and colors for your brand name and other content, for they have a lot to say about the product.

A brand logo, if designed and used properly, can be a silent salesman for your product. We design the best, exhaustive and the most versatile logo that resonates with the ideals of your brand, leaving no stone unturned in making sure that ‘Who?’ is never a question your brand comes across.

Brand identity is the message that customers receive from your product. The most interesting thing about brand identity is that all the elements that go into the creation of an identity convey some message or the other without using a single word. Be it the packaging, the colour and font on the label and in the logos, every element speaks volumes about your brand.

Working with us gets you uniformity across brand interactions as we do a great job of website development and social media management as well.


Logo Designing

We design logos that tell a story about your brand. A logo that portrays the key identity pillars of your brand.

Packaging Design

We design informative and appealing packaging for your product. It’s the first impression of your product on many and needs to leave the right mark.

Brand Positioning

We distill the key promises of your product, map it to the lives of your consumer and derive a positioning that occupies valuable mind space of consumers.

Brand Personality

We develop a personality of your brand that your consumer will relate to, interact with, remember and recall – creating a lasting relationship.

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