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So, How Does The Speed Of Your Website Impact Your Business?

Higher Conversion Rates

Cloudflare says - a 100-millisecond delay in load time decreases conversion rates by 7%. Speed Optimization ensures that your Shopify site loads quickly, providing a seamless shopping experience. This leads to higher conversion rates and, ultimately, more sales.

Better SEO Rankings

Google has made it clear that website speed is a ranking factor in their search algorithms. Faster websites tend to rank higher in Google search results, leading to more organic traffic and potential customers. More traffic typically translates to increased revenue.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Akamai concluded that a 2-second delay in load time resulted in transaction abandonment rates of up to 87% vs the average baseline abandonment rate of 70%. With Shopify Speed Optimization, you not only improve user experience but also increase customer satisfaction, which can lead to repeat purchases and higher revenue.

Improve Ads Performance

WordStream’s research says - increasing your Quality Score from 5 to 7 can result in a decrease in cost per conversion of 16.67%. Page Speed is a critical Quality Score factor as it effects landing page experience.

A Smoother & Faster Website = Better Conversions & More Revenue


Our End-to-End Solution For Shopify Speed Optimization

Avoid Redirects

Each redirect triggers an additional HTTP request, slowing down your site. We eliminate all unnecessary redirects.

Reduce HTTP Requests

Shopify sites can have 100+ HTTP requests when not optimised. We look at each request carefully and reduce by combining or eliminating redundancies.

Minimize Apps

Each app you install adds more code to your website and slows it down. We shift functionalities to native Shopify functions wherever possible.

Minimize JavaScript & CSS

Just like with plugins, the more JavaScript and CSS files there are, the more requests the server has to fulfill to run them. We reduce them by combining them.

Image Optimization

Giant-sized images take too much time to load. We make your images responsive so that they adjust on your site based on users’ display properties.

Lazy Load Images

Lazy loading means that images only load when they’re about to enter the viewport. This can significantly improve load times, particularly for pages with a lot of images.


Platforms We Work On

We believe in using word class platforms for our website projects to keep the process fast and to reduce your long term technical support requirements.

For eCommerce Brands

Shopify (33% market share) is our preferred development platform for it's modular and easy to manage build. WooCommerce is our backup option for brands that want to keep away from recurring monthly fees of Shopify.

For Non eCommerce Brands

Wordpress (60% market share) is our preferred platform for brand sites that need to be fast yet feature rich. WIX or HTML/ CSS/ JS are our backup options for brands that more than what WordPress has to offer.

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Building Blocks of Our Websites

Brand Brief

Understanding your business, your brand story and your products in entitreity.

Layout Approvals & Feedback

Creating customised layouts to best highlight your business.

Design & Content

Crafting content and graphics to enhance the story telling on each page.


Coding the layout & features to make the website come alive.

Testing & Go

Testing and feedback for any edits, connecting the website with social and search platforms and taking it live.



Shopify Site Optimisation

Before Speed Optimisation - 18.8 Seconds

After Speed Optimisation - 3.6 Seconds


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Speed Optimisation Delivered For 100+ World-class Websites

In-Depth Website Audit ~1-2 Days

Before initiating a project, within 48 hours our experts will perform an analysis of your website using globally renowned tools, and create an exhaustive tracker of all issues to be fixed.

Project Execution Within 7 Days

Next our team of web experts start fixing the various issues like code cleanup, image optimization, apps optimization and more. All of it is done in parallel to ensure we can complete the project within 7 days. For bigger sites it takes up to 15 Days.

Website Handover ~1-2 Days

Once we are done making your website speed optimized, we will ask you to thoroughly scan the website and test it on all devices. After you are satisfied, we close the project by sharing any necessary suggestions for ongoing speed maintenance.


Shopify Website Development Company
Wordpress Website Development Company
WooCommerce Website Development Company


We Understand You Have Some Questions

Yes, we will optimize all pages of the website, unless you have specific needs and expectations. Please clarify the same when you speak with our experts.

In the vast majority of cases, we can optimize a website to load in 3 seconds or faster.

We always make sure to deliver a website error and issue free. In the rare case that there are any issues we will always fix them right away, no matter how much work it will be for us.

Your website will look and function the exact same way as before the optimizations were done. It will only be significantly faster.

Our work won’t affect your site traffic. We will work on cloning/staging the website version of your site and then we will publish the live version once we have the right speed desired.