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So, Why Do You Really Need A Website?

Driving Conversations

You want your website visitors to know all about you and be convinced about your capabilities to the extent that they want to talk to you further.

Driving Conversions

You want your website visitors to be truly impressed by your products and complete their purchase process then and there.

We Craft Enticing Websites That Captivate The Audience


Alchemy Of Architecture, Content, Design & Development

eCommerce Website Design Agency
Site Architecture

We start with creating a user centric site structure that also maximises the SEO potential of your site for future marketing efforts.

Corporate Website Design Agency
Design & Content

We understand in depth about your business, your brand story, your products/ services and then translate them into compelling pages with smart design and content.

Landing Page Design Agency 1

To maximise the RoI on your future marketing efforts, a responsive website with clean code goes a long way. It keeps your website fast and improves uptime.


Platforms We Work On

We believe in using platforms for our website projects to keep the process fast and to reduce your long term technical support requirements.

For eCommerce Brands

Shopify (33% market share) is our preferred development platform for it's modular and easy to manage build. WooCommerce is our backup option for brands that want to keep away from recurring monthly fees of Shopify.

For Non eCommerce Brands

Wordpress (60% market share) is our preferred platform for brand sites that need to be fast yet feature rich. HTML/ CSS/ JS is our backup option for brands that want to custom make a website from scratch.

Shopify Website Development Company
Wordpress Website Development Company
WooCommerce Website Development Company
Shopify Website Development Company
Wordpress Website Development Company
WooCommerce Website Development Company


Inherent Features Of All Our Websites

Easy To Maintain & Edit

We prefer to build our websites on proven platforms that have a very high uptime and are easy to maintain later without any tech support.

Responsive & Clean Design

We create websites that are responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Clean design across the websites makes your brand story stand out and be memorable.

Conversion Optimised

Each of our websites is optimised for conversions whether it is lead generation or eCommerce. It makes your future marketing efforts pay off far better.


Building Blocks of Our Websites

Brand Brief

Understanding your business, your brand story and your products in entitreity.

Layout Approvals & Feedback

Creating customised layouts basis to best highlight your business.

Design & Content

Crafting content and graphics to enhance the story telling on each page.


Coding the layout and feature development as needed to make the website come alive.

Testing & Go

Testing and feedback for any edits, connecting the website with social and search platforms and taking it live.


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Samples of Our Work

Showcasing here our expertise on different platforms. Our key strengths in each sample being the visual appeal, the logical content flow and the experience to get the desired user action.


Some Questions You May Have

Shopify & WordPress are very effective solutions for most (90%+) businesses and that’s why we have built our expertise on that. Both of these platforms are extremely powerful and allow us to develop pretty much everything you can think of.

Custom coded websites do have an advantage for very complex or specific use cases but the investment to make them and the cost/ effort to maintain such sites is very high.

We help you with the process of buying your domain and hosting directly from our recommended platforms. All such assets are bought directly on your accounts so that you always have full control on your assets.

Most definitely. In fact this is one of the major reasons we use Shopify & WordPress – as it is easier for a non-technical person to do basic edits and manage the website later. You can always reach out to us for more complex work that you may need later.

This totally depends on your business use case. For most businesses, Shopify & WooCommerce as perfect fits. Magento is more helpful with enterprise level applications. Wix is relevant as well to most businesses but it doesn’t stand a chance against Shopify and WooCommerce – so best avoided.

It totally depends on your vision and hence the scope of work. You can reach out to us on hello@walnutfolks.com or via this form to discuss more.


But Only Few Can Build A Brand.

Do you have a project you want to discuss or you simply are looking for marketing & strategic advice, just write to us..

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