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We create stunning websites that have high-conversion rates and high brand engagement.

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growth driven web design

We like to understand your business, the audience and your products to channelise our thoughts into creating the most effective website for your business. Effective? Well it’s all about ensuring conversions that matter to your business. It could be getting a form filled, or a free-trial or an outright sale – we make it possible.

We believe each website is unique and deserves a unique approach of it’s own. The UI/UX of the website, the content, the tech, the design and the functionalities need to serve the purpose of the business and we enable that through the growth driven website design process.

eCommerce Websites

Whether you need an eCommerce website for a fast fashion brand or a tech gadget brand – whatever be your niche, we’ve got you covered. We love building eCommerce stores on Shopify and WooCommerce.


Lead Gen Websites

We create lead-generation machines on WordPress. These sites are developed using our deep understanding of lead generation funnels. Best suited for B2B businesses as well as real estate/ education/ similar companies that rely on leads to grow.

One Page Scroller

If your business doesn’t require more than a single page to launch your business or display all the relevant information, this is perfect for you. 

UI/UX Design

We take up holistic website/app design overhauls. We create beautiful designs that convey your key message while driving users towards important business goals for you. Our focus remains mobile first designs.


Dedicated Landing Page

Landing page design for specific campaigns that you want to trigger to test the markets or improve conversion rates.. We can help with create HTML/CSS/JS based landing pages or directly implement on WordPress/ Shopify.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

You should definitely get your conversion funnel audited every once in a while. A small incremental change in CVR can have a huge impact on revenue. Whether it is lead capture or eCommerce revenue, we can help improve your conversion rates.

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featured web design case studies

We have worked with many brands to create for them their ideal websites, not just to grow their business but also to help build their personality amongst their potential customers. Our work highlights in website redesign/ revamp projects include high improvements in lead capture rates, eCommerce conversion rates as well as organic traffic.


Improvement In Lead Capture Rate

Inspirus Education

We redesigned the website to improve the structure, the content and the lead generation possibilities. Overall we saw a measurable increase in lead capture rate of 59% while also the conversion to payments improved by 80%.


We redesigned the website to improve the product discovery, the jewellery design showcase and the checkout process. Overall result was an immediate and sustainable improvement in eCommerce Conversion Rate by 84%.


Improvement In eCommerce Conversion Rate


Improvement In eCommerce Conversion Rate

Satt Naturals India

We redesigned the existing website to improve site navigation, product display and social proof on the website. It being a lifestyle products store, the overall imagery was also redone to make the purchase decision more impulsive. The result was an increase in eCommerce Conversion Rate by 165%.


We redesigned a mammoth website with over 1000 pages across multiple sub-domains to simplify the consumer journey and to improve conversion rates via multiple interventions. Also the focus was to create a more Google friendly site architecture. Overall result was a 38% improvement in Organic Traffic on a huge existing base.


Improvement In Organic Traffic

they loved working with us!

It has always been a pleasure to work with the Walnut Folks team for our App UI/UX and Web Design. They have helped us, signficantly improve our user journeys and the interface designs. Their understanding of tech product and the keen design sense is extremely valuable.

Bijai K Jayarajan

Founder & CEO, Houm Technology

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all else you want to know!

What technologies do we work on for Web Development Projects?

We specialise in creating websites on ShopifyWordPress and WooCommerce. With over 50+ websites developed on these platforms, we have been increasing our benchmark with every project.

Can you see your website while it's in progress?

Absolutely! Infact, we would love it if you do. We develop websites on cloud servers and give you a username and password so that you can log in and monitor the progress of your website. 

Can we do SEO on your website after it's made?

Indeed! We would love to work on your website’s SEO as that it is infact one of the most sought after services from us. You can find all about our SEO Services here.

Where all do we work?

We have been working with clients from India, US, UK, Indonesia, Dubai, Australia and countries across the globe. We have our key offices currently in Mumbai, Nagpur and Kolkata and have remote setups at other locations.

Are the websites search engine friendly?

Absolutely! All of the websites that we create are designed with Google’s organic SEO guidelines in mind. While the code is search engine friendly, we also setup necessary 301 redirects in case we are working on revamp projects. Most importantly we keep the architecture and content search friendly so that nothing has to change before starting SEO work on the websites.

Will the website be responsive and mobile-ready?

Yes, all websites that we design are responsive to the most commonly used device sizes. Be rest assured your website will function as it should on all platforms.

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Website Design in Mumbai

Walnut Folks is a website design company in Mumbai. Our web design is not just a few pages on the internet. These are carefully designed gateways to your brand that display your business to the audience in the most legible and engaging manner using elements like colour scheme, text, images, graphics, videos etc.

Website Design Services offered by Walnut Folks

We, at Walnut Folks, believe in Growth driven Design method for all of our web designs. Our team works towards designing the most user-friendly website that understands your business, your products and your audience. We ensure that your business benefits through your website.

Website Design looks after the aesthetic part of the website, the colors, the fonts, the images etc, to make the layout. All these visual elements are composed to improve the user interface and user experience of the website. Our website design team designs the website in a way that the people visiting your website, find all the information they need and in the easiest possible way.

Website development looks after the actual functioning of the website. The web developer take the design layout and adds various operations to it to make the website functional.

Benefits of Website Design & Development for Companies

With the advent of technology, we cannot miss out on the opportunities that are available for a business to grow. As a Website Design Company in Mumbai, we try to optimise your website for subsequent marketing that can grow your business. Website Design Services have become of great importance for companies or entrepreneurs to have a successful business.

Some benefits of Website Design and Development are:

  1. Easy to reach out: To have business on an online platform, the most essential part is an easy access of the information. If the visitors find the website usable and informative, it is sure to attract traffic. Also the pages should load at a faster speed for a longer stay of the website visitor. 
  2. SEO ranking: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a fundamental aspect of a website. Since the website has to compete with millions of other websites, it has to make it a point to rank higher in order to appear in people’s searches. Our SEO services help you with the ranking of your website. 
  3. Engaging content: The website lets you display the content about your business that the customer needs to know through images, videos, content, graphics etc. Just giving out tons of text make the data monotonous and tedious for the visitor to go through. These other visual elements make it more interesting and informative. Also it benefits business selling goods as the images give out a clear idea about the product. Our design team delivers a design that has a capacity to fetch out some great results for your business,  
  4. Increase Sales: A business, after all, depends on the sales it makes. The e-commerce market has seen immense growth in the last few years. Businesses use the website for revenue generation through e-commerce sites, others use it to generate leads while some use it simply to keep their stakeholders informed. The more traffic on the website, the more is the sale. The website also promotes sales. It displays information about the sales and other services the brand is offering. Our digital marketing team will assist you to utilise this online platform to invite consumers.  
  5. Develops Trust: When a company delivers good quality goods or services and consumers have a good experience of the brand they build brand loyalty. The website enables to monitor the activity of the visitors. The brand can thus use this as an opportunity to know their loyal customers and find ways to retain them. 
  6. Gain more customers: To grow a business it needs to have a strong customer base. The website puts the business out in the online market for customers to approach. The digital channels make it possible for the business to reach out to clients that earlier didn’t seem approachable.
  7. User engagement: With the help of website, it gets easier to engage with audience. The websites enables the audience to give feedback or suggestions about the products or services offered. It also makes answering customer queries easy with allowing customer interaction.