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Branding is a multi-faceted process and as a brand, you need to take care of all aspects of it, the first of which is your visual appearance starting with your logo design. Your logo is the ‘face of your brand’ and hence you always need to make sure that it depicts your brand in the right way.

Now, you might be knowing about the use of color psychology in marketing and how different colors affect the brand’s perception. But, the lesser known fact is that the typography or font used in your logo can also tell a lot about your brand to the viewer. So, if you wish to exhibit your brand in the right way, typography is a highly important aspect for you to consider when deciding not just your logo, but the complete texts on your websites too.

Here we have mentioned for you the different types of typographies and how you can use them to display properly the personality you have as a brand and the aspects and values you want to show.

Before you get up to deciding the right typography for your brand logo, you first need to understand what is typography and what is the psychology related to it?

What Is Typography?

Typography generally refers to the way something is written in digital media, which is basically the font of text. There are a number of fonts that can be divided into a few types of typographies. Each typography is well suited for a certain type of text but may be a misfit for a different type of text, depending upon the emotion which needs to be conveyed through the text.

why typography matters

Psychology Of Typography

Just like different colors, different typographies also represent different personalities, thus inducing different emotions in the mind of the viewer. The psychology behind various typographies is that each font has a different personality and perspective and thus can represent certain qualities for your brand.

It is thus important that your choice of typography is very very careful so that your brand logo and your web design company can communicate your brand with clarity. You need to understand what emotions and personalities each typography reflects and thus decide the right one based on what values you want your brand to represent.

Types Of Typography

With hundreds of fonts available these days, it’s hard to decide which one to go with to represent your brand in the right light. Especially when deciding the typography for your brand logo you need to choose one that perfectly expresses your company’s personality. To understand easily, fonts can be divided into 4 typographies, each with a different individuality and used for different sorts of writings, like you cannot possibly use a formal font for a casual fun brand, right?

why typography is important for your brand

Serif Fonts

why typography is important for your brand

Serif fonts are used for all things formal. These fonts represent a very traditional and sophisticated personality. If you want to represent your brand as a very reliable and timeless brand which respects their traditional ways very highly, then serif fonts are the fonts you must use for your brand.

Brands like the Times Magazine use this font to display themselves as a very stable and formal brand.  Some of the examples of serif fonts are the Baskerville, Didot, Garamond, and Georgia. These fonts can be used anywhere from logos and titles to website texts and even printed materials.

Sans Serif Fonts

why typography is important in design

Unlike the more formal Serif Typography, fonts included in the sans serif typography give the text a more modern and clean look. Sans serif fonts are very simple and easy to read and often give the brand an air of being very sensible and straightforward. These fonts have a more universal personality than the formal Serif fonts.

Brands like Chanel, Microsoft and even Google now use these fonts for their logos. Sans Serif fonts are sophisticated like Serif Fonts but have a more neutral and humanist personality. Fonts like Futura, Helvetica, Verdana, and Avenir come under this category. You can use Sans Serif fonts for your brand’s logo, Titles and body copy of your website. For the smaller text in the websites, these fonts are ideal.

why typography is important in design
why typography is essential

Slab Serif Fonts

why typography is essential

Used in the brand logos of brands like Sony and Honda, Slab Serif fonts have a more impactful attention-grabbing personality. If you want to represent your brand as a very friendly, trendy and yet a bold presence, then you must use one of the Slab Serif fonts for your brand logo. A number of contemporary fonts come under this category.

Some of the examples of Slab Serif fonts include Calderon, Copse, Josefin, and Museo. Since these fonts are very bold and solid, you should avoid using them for the body text on websites. Besides, logos they are ideal to be used for titles on website content.

Script Fonts

Script fonts include all the fonts with a stylish format. These fonts give out the emotion of a brand being very elegant, sophisticated and yet friendly and personal. Some popular examples of brand logos in script font are Coca-Cola,  Cadbury, and Instagram. But besides these, brands like Cadillac also use script fonts for their logos to seem fun and classic at the same time.

Script fonts include pretty and stylish fonts like Buttermilk, Edwardian, Zapfino and also the Snell Round hand font. Being too stylish, script fonts should be avoided for small- sized text or at places with a lot of text as they can be hard to read. However, other than brand logos, you can definitely use these fonts to write titles on website content and also for invitations.

Besides these 4 types, two other types of typographies are also used very often used, which are the modern and decorative fonts. We shall discuss them too in a short descriptions.

why typography matters

Modern Fonts

why typography matters

Often used in business logos, these fonts have a look of exclusivity and style. If you want your brand to be depicted as being intelligent yet stylish, then you must make your logos using one of the modern fonts. Fonts like Politica, Klavika, and Matchbook are included in Modern fonts. A popular example of a brand using a modern font for its logo is that of Facebook.

Decorative Display Fonts

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Display fonts are widely used nowadays by a number of brands, to make their logos look unique. Decorative fonts are usually customized fonts and when used for logos, display your brand as being casual, fun and completely unique. The logo of Disney, Fanta, and Lego are the best examples of it. Fonts like Jokerman, Gigi, and Bombing can be included in the category of decorative fonts.

why typography is required

Understanding how different fonts display different emotions and personalities can help you in selecting the right fonts for your brand. Now that you have understood what are the different types of fonts and how a viewer perceives them, the next question to answer is ‘As a brand, how would you choose the right font for yourself?

Finding A Right Font For A Brand

If you wish to find the right font to use for your brand’s logo and content, you need to consider a few important points first. These points will help you determine the right font for your brand and to display your brand in the right light.

Your Identity As A Brand

Your logo can help explain your brand’s personality properly, only when you know what qualities you wish to display to your audience or simply put when you know ‘What are you as a brand?’ For example, for a fun casual brand, using too formal or sophisticated fonts might make them look really dull or boring. So, to express your brand in the right light for your audience, first, you need to make sure what qualities you want your logo and website to display.

Your Target Audience

Once you know how you want to display yourself, the next step is to understand who you want to be represented to. To better represent your brand, you need to understand the needs of your target audience, because ultimately you are marketing your brand to meet their needs and expectations and for them to like you, it’s important for them to first understand who you are.

Understanding Competition

Another aspect to exhibit your brand as unique by using the right font is to understand your competition first. This will not only help you understand what’s trending among your target audience but also help you stand apart. Also, looking up to more successful brands in the same sector can help you a lot in understanding how to represent your brand t0 the audience.

Keeping It Simple

An important fact to consider every time is that whatever font you use, no matter how stylish it looks, at the end it must be readable. Even if you are a fun brand, a too stylish font that’s hard to read is more useless than a plain bland but readable font. So, you must use a font that is a little simple, especially for longer texts. Also, the right font size and spacing not just between words but also between letters are important. Using the white space smartly can enhance how your text looks largely.

Examining The Font For All Sorts Of Media

Any online content is easily available for reading on a number of electronic media. Right from tiny phones to large computer screens, the content is read everywhere. So, before finalizing any font you need to make sure that it is readable even in small font size and doesn’t look gibberish or indecipherable when viewed on smaller screens.


Once you have taken into consideration all these points, you can easily decide what type of font is right for you. In today’s world where content plays such a huge role in the marketing of any brand, right typography for your any brand is an important aspect to be considered to properly express your brand. You can also consult a professional Branding Agency like there are at Walnut Folks to help you understand how marketing works and how you can market your brand better.

We hope you found this post helpful in understanding the psychology behind typography and how you can decide the right typography for your brand. If you have any queries or suggestions relating to typography, we would love to know them. Make sure to drop your questions in the comments below or you can simply mail them to us at hello@walnutfolks.com.

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