You Need A Product Explainer Video. Here’s Why?

A number of brands have been making product explainer videos lately and all for a good reason. Their interactive and easy-to-understand format makes them superior to text content in all aspects. Now, if you haven’t already heard of product explainer videos before, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we will be explaining to you what Product Explainer videos are and also how they are beneficial to your brand.

What Is A Product Explainer Video?

why you need product explainer video

With a time length varying between 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, product explainer videos are videos that explain the features and services of your product; right from what your products are to how they exactly perform and how they can benefit your audience, everything in a concise and interesting manner.

Compared to lengthy text content, product explainer video helps explain the objective of your products more easily. Take Paypal’s explainer video, for example. 

It’s easy narration and creative animation explain to you all that you need to know about the app, without a hitch. And we know, how with more people getting connected with social media each day, consumption of videos has increased over the years. In fact, according to a report from VEEDYOU, around 54% of people want to see more video content in 2020.

why you need product explainer video

Reasons Why You Should Make ‘Product Explainer Videos’:

Now if you are contemplating, whether or not you should make explainer videos for your products, below we have given 5 reasons to help you make that decision.

1. Help You Increase Your Conversion Rate

We know that your conversion rate is a big matter for you. You always need to make sure that you are able to convert more and more leads to customers. A product explainer video can actually help you here. Adding a video explaining your product on your landing page is all you need to do. You can describe your product using this video and influence your viewers to buy it. Doing so can help you increase your conversion rate by up to 80%, according to a report by Unbounce. If you don’t have a video on your landing page already, you should definitely have one now.

2. Evokes Interest For Your Product

You can never be the only one selling a type of product; there will always be competition and to rise above them you need to induce interest in your audiences about your products. And a product explainer video does exactly that. A good video is the one that not just explains your product but also induces a want for the product in the viewer’s mind. It also creates ease for consumers to understand the product better before buying it. And that is why videos prove more successful in selling products online, so successful in fact that a report by Hubspot claims that 64% of users are more likely to buy any product online after watching a video.

3. Help You Highlight Your Uniqueness

You must be knowing, there are at least a few hundred brands just like you, providing the same services that you are providing. It’s a challenge making a unique identity for your brand amidst such tough competition. You need to make sure that your audience understands that your products are not just different but also better than all the other competing brands. Now you can get this chance, with the help of a product Explainer video. You can make a video which not just properly explains the key features of your product but also makes it look superior to its competitors in the eyes of your viewers, thus helping them choose you over other brands. And this is possible since 90% of viewers believe that product videos help them in the decision process before buying, according to Hubspot.

4. Help You Rank Better In Google Search

A matter of major concern is whether or not your website ranks in Google search and a good explainer video can help you with that too. As Google has started sharing mixed media on its first page, your video can help you rank better compared to text, increasing your visibility. Also, as we mentioned before, people often avoid reading lengthy texts so introducing videos on your website can increase the traffic retention on your website too. A report from SmallBizTrends states that companies that include videos on their sites get 41% more web traffic than companies that don’t. 

benefits of product explainer video

5. Stays In Your Audience’s Mind

benefits of product explainer video

This might sound a little different, but the truth is viewers often remember videos better than texts. And evidence to this is the report from Hubspot that says that 80% of users recall a video ad they had seen even 30 days back. It is easier for them to grasp information from videos than by reading verbose blogs about the same product. Also, videos are expressive and hence can explain all the features of the product easily in a span of a few minutes at maximum. So, if you want your viewers to remember your products better, then you should already be making product explainer videos for your products.


We hope we were helpful in explaining to you how you can benefit from Product Explainer Videos for your brand. You must definitely have a lucid and creative explainer video for your website. An additional benefit that videos provide your brand is that they are more shareable than text content. 

Sites like Youtube, help you gain higher exposure, thus reaching more and more people easily. Also, if your audience is impressed by your videos, they will share it with more people, thus increasing exposure for your explainer video and eventually your brand. Furthermore, when it comes to smartphone users, videos are an easier media to gain information about a product from, rather than text, since reading verbose text becomes even more hectic on those small mobile phone screens.

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